MSG Sphere in Las Vegas
Photo: TDelCoro
Sep. 15, 2023

UNLV School of Architecture associate professor Joshua Vermillion was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article by Carolina Miranda about the Las Vegas Sphere:

"So is Sphere, with its unusual shape, a duck? Or does its billboard surface make it a decorated shed? Joshua Vermilion, an associate professor of architecture at UNLV who specializes in computation and digital design, says it’s both: “It’s the heroic duck. And yet it’s probably the most extremely decorated shed in the entire universe.” Large billboards with sophisticated motion graphics are a standard part of the landscape on the Strip, he notes, but “to cover the entire thing with a video screen is pretty audacious.”"

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Vermillion was also recently one of eight artists and designers featured in an artificial intelligence editorial in the latest Dutch design issue of ELLE magazine.