Portrait of Glenn Nowak
Mar. 26, 2024

Mana Azizsoltani talks with Architect and Associate Professor Glenn NP Nowak about the uniqueness of studying hospitality design in Las Vegas and why the art of architecture is so important… why having a School of Architecture within the College of Fine Arts should signal to creatives - the value of drawing out the emotive qualities of the built environment. 

Dive into the world of architectural innovation with Associate Professor Glenn Nowak in our latest podcast episode. Join us as we explore his dynamic approach to teaching, which transcends conventional classroom methods. Glenn takes us on a journey beyond textbooks, desks, and traditional teaching paradigms, immersing students in real-world industry experiences. Discover how he leverages the vibrant architecture of Las Vegas as a living classroom, guiding students to design and create personalized pieces tailored to businesses in the city. Get inspired as we hear about the exciting projects his students are currently working on, shaping the landscape of Las Vegas with their innovative designs.