Photo of Jung-Hwa Kim
Sep. 13, 2023

On Thursday, September 21, Jung-Hwa Kim, an assistant professor at the School of Architecture, is co-organizing and co-moderating the seminar titled "Tidalectic Landscape" as part of the interdisciplinary art research project, Getbol Lab. This seminar aims to facilitate an exchange of artistic viewpoints on various types of landscapes influenced by tidal movements, such as Getbol (Korean mud flats), the Wadden Sea, swamps, mangrove forests, and dunes. The seminar invites international artists and a landscape historian who explore wetlands as poetic, social, and ecological spaces, where perspectives from humans/non-humans, urban/fishing villages, and the ocean/land coexist and intersect.


Jeewi Lee - Tides (Berlin-based Korean artist)

Sujatro Ghosh - To Where the River Flows (Berlin-based Indian artist-activist)

Juliane Tübke & Alison Darby - Deep in the Meadow (German and British-Luxembourg artists)

Erin Putalik - Enduring Stories on Changeable Ground: Dunes as Cultural Landscapes (Assistant Professor, University of Virginia)

Date: Thursday, September 21st, 2023

Time: 5:00 am - 7:30 am PDT

Location: Zoom (ID: 893 1601 3453, PW: 083546)

Moderators: Keumhwa Kim and Jung-Hwa Kim

Organizers: Getbol Lab (Sunjoo Lee, Unknown Kim, Keumhwa Kim, and Jung-Hwa Kim)

Host: Delightful; 10000 Arts 10000 Acts

Sponsor: Arts Council Korea