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  • UNLV On Your Mobile Device

    Keep track of your class schedule on your iPhone with the UNLV Mobile app for iOS.

  • UNLV President Waives Fees for Active Duty Military

    University education now virtually free for service men and women living in Nevada.

  • Study Links Full-Day Kindergarten to Higher Test Scores, Longer Life Expectancy

    Changes to full-day kindergarten in Nevada could impact the health of the state’s children and adults.

  • Journalism Graduate Part Of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Team

    Greenspun College of Urban Affairs alumna talks about covering a devastating mudslide and what future journalists need to know.

  • Engelstad Family Foundation Pledges $10 Million for UNLV Med School Scholarships

    In less than 60 days, "60 by 16" scholarship drive raises $13.5 million to fund 135 four-year School of Medicine scholarships.


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