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  • Extreme Jobs: With Machete in Hand

    Anthropologist Alyssa Crittenden ventures into the African bush to study how humans learned to cooperate.

  • Extreme Jobs: Deadliest Catch

    To discover what's happening with the bighorn sheep population, David Choate must track cougars in the National Desert Wildlife Refuge.

  • Extreme Jobs: One Woman’s Trash

    Rotting food, old toilets, and remnants of residence hall move-out are treasures to Tara Pike-Nordstrom.

  • Extreme Jobs: Jaw-Dropping Doc

    When a trauma mangles a patient's face, Dr. Daniel Orr steps in for the often intense work of reconstruction.

  • Extreme Jobs: In Hot Water

    Microbiologist Brian Hedlund knows from experience just how dangerous a hot spring can be.


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