• BMI Receives Additional $20 Million

    Pledge from Rogers Foundation to UNLV’s literary center now totals $30 million, making the gift one of the largest to UNLV.

  • Changing Health Care

    Kids fall all the time, but bouncing back can be trickier when it happens in a hospital. Thanks to an internal grant, UNLV professor Janet Dufek has been able to collaborate with a leading children's hospital to tackle the issue.

  • Save the Date

    Join President Jessup in a celebration that showcases UNLV's past, present, and future.

    Friday, May 1, 2015
    1:30 p.m.
    Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall
    Reception to follow

  • A Nano-Sized Weapon Against Brain Tumors

    A new, nanoparticle-based drug delivery system being developed by health physics professor Steen Madsen offers new treatment for glioblastoma.

  • Shock and Stress

    The human knee takes a continual pounding. UNLV's Kai-Yu Ho's latest research is identifying how such "shock-loading" stress contributes to arthritis.