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  • Barbara Atkinson Named Founding Dean of UNLV School of Medicine

    Atkinson to continue vision, plan, and development of UNLV School of Medicine with goal toward 2017 charter class.

  • As Not Seen On TV

    Dean Carolyn Yucha on change in the nursing profession, recruitment challenges, and why Dr. House drives her crazy.

  • New Faces: Calvin Milling

    The Air Force veteran said he loves his job helping people on campus stay safe, but that if he couldn't have that job he would like to fish for bass — professionally.

  • Training a Key to Social Worker Success

    For the last 10 years, the UNLV School of Social Work has played an important role in workforce development of child welfare system employees.

  • A Moment of Doubt

    Our Alumni of the Year tell us about a time they felt a little overmatched by circumstances and how they got through it.