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  • New Faces: Michael Cummings

    The business law professor changed fields of study more than once as he made his way through his undergraduate and graduate studies. His tip for success: Never be afraid to start over.

  • Check Out Our Accomplishments

    Mary-Ann Winkelmes has been named a senior fellow of the Association of American Colleges & Universities and will oversee UNLV's role in an association project geared to improve college success for historically underserved students. 

  • The Law School's Fix-It Guy

    Frank Durand, UNLV's Administrative Faculty Member of the Year for 2014, is described by one colleague as being like a black hole because when he is given a problem, it just goes away.

  • Meet the New Cannon Survey Center

    The UNLV Cannon Survey Center has improved its processes and procedures and now has a full team in place to meet your survey needs. Cannon can help faculty and researchers with surveys, data collection, and analysis.

  • Cutting Through The Noise

    Jason Feinberg began capturing listener attention as a KUNV DJ. Now the music executive is at the forefront of digital marketing of major artists.