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  • Low Profile No More

    President's Classified Employee of the Year Liz Smith says she was shocked that she was selected for the honor because she considers herself to be a low-profile person.

  • Playwright Finds Her Voice at UNLV

    Alumna Brighde Mullins wrote her first play while studying as an undergraduate English major. Over the years she and her work have garnered multiple honors.

  • My Job: Starr Wharton

    The wellness promotion expert on keeping students healthy and what she’d do with a million dollars.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Ask

    Asking questions and gathering information are the keys to success, according to Marni Montgomery-Blake, the President's Classified Staff Rookie of the Year.

  • My Job: Ben Fausett

    The safety training officer on driving golf carts, lifting boxes, and using common sense.