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  • Barbara Atkinson Named Founding Dean of UNLV School of Medicine

    Atkinson to continue vision, plan, and development of UNLV School of Medicine with goal toward 2017 charter class.

  • As Not Seen On TV

    Dean Carolyn Yucha on change in the nursing profession, recruitment challenges, and why Dr. House drives her crazy.

  • New Faces: Josefina Ly

    The engineering college admissions counselor is inspired by the beneficial experiences her mother provided her and her siblings despite a limited income.

  • Training a Key to Social Worker Success

    For the last 10 years, the UNLV School of Social Work has played an important role in workforce development of child welfare system employees.

  • A Moment of Doubt

    Our Alumni of the Year tell us about a time they felt a little overmatched by circumstances and how they got through it.