Academic Advising

Current Students

As you continue your education at UNLV, there are several resources on campus to help you achieve success. Your advisor can answer many of your questions and can also refer you to a multitude of offices and services across campus.

On this page, you can find pertinent and important information for your continued success at UNLV. Additionally, learn about academic policies, print forms, and contact information.

  • Meet With Your Advisor – When to meet to make the most of your advising session.
  • Choosing Your Major – Learn about resources on campus that can help you select a major and the procedures for declaring a new major.
  • Academic Resources – Discover all of the resources at your fingertips.
  • Registration – Find helpful tips and suggestions to assist you with the upcoming registration process.
  • Sophomore Year Experience – Make the most of your sophomore year at UNLV.
  • Rebel Voice – Find out about the Rebel Voice Commission
  • Rebels R.I.S.E. –  Each Fall semester, the UNLV Academic Advising community hosts the Rebels R.I.S.E. Event. 
  • Non-Traditional Students – Find out about the Non-Traditional Student Commission
  • Academic Policies and Forms – Learn about academic policies and procedures.
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid – Find tips and recommendations to get the most out of your financial aid.
  • FERPA – Learn more about FERPA, the government body that regulates privacy protection to all student education records such as transcripts, grade reports, and most disciplinary files.
  • FAQ – Get answers to commonly asked questions for current students.
  • Graduation – Get information regarding the forms, processes, and procedures you need to complete in order to receive your degree.
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