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Rebel Voice Commission

The mission of the Rebel Voice Commission is to assess the pulse of academic advising through the perspectives of the students on campus. The commission is responsible for bringing the voice of the students to the forefront of academic advising by providing forums/opportunities for students to share their perspectives and experiences in regards to academic advising. In addition, the commission will acknowledge student beliefs of advisor and student responsibility pertaining to their academic career and use the information gathered to improve academic advising and better serve students at UNLV.

Ever wonder if you are the only person changing your major? Or never changing your major? Have you thought about what affects your major selection decision making? In Fall 2012, the Rebel Voice Commission and Student Academic Advisory Board (SAAB) conducted a UNLV Student survey on "Choosing a Major at UNLV"

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The Student Academic Advisory Board (SAAB)

The Student Academic Advisory Board (SAAB) is not just about the students we serve, the voices we hear, and the difference we make on campus. It is also about the difference we make within the community. On December 19th, SAAB attended a special night at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission that consisted of wrapping the donations that were gathered for those in need during the Christmas season.

2012-13 Academic Advising Student of the Year Award

Krystal Belmonte, 2012-13 Academic Advising Student of the Year

The Rebel Voice Commission is pleased to announce Krystal Belmonte as the recipient of the 2012-13 Academic Advising Student of the Year. Krystal was selected from a group of outstanding candidates for her dedication to academic advising, UNLV, and the community. Congrats Krystal!

Advising Appreciation Week

Tracy Johnson, Senior Academic Advisor

The Student Academic Advisory Board and the Rebel Voice Commission would like to thank all the UNLV students that participated in Advising Appreciation Week. During this week students were given the chance to say "Thank You" to their advisors with filling out a comment card.

We would like to acknowledge Tracy Johnson, Senior Academic Advisor, as the 2012-2013 Student Choice Award Winner, as she received the most "Thank You" cards. In addition, your top three advising centers were: The College of Liberal Arts, The Health Sciences College, and The Urban Affairs Colleges.

Remember to Collaborate (with your academic advisor) to Graduate!

Janet Hollinger was presented with a Valuable Service Award March 8, 2013 for over 6 years of dedication and hard work with the Rebel Voice Commission.

Student Academic Advisory Board

Get involved with the Student Academic Advisory Board.

Applications can be submitted via email to

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