College of Sciences

  • College Provides Funds for Innovative Research

    UNLV microbiologist Penny Amy is working on a cure for American foulbrood disease (AFB), which once found in a bee hive requires destruction of the hive. Her research is featured in a four-part series on projects that recently received money from the Research Fund for Innovation and Development established by the College of Sciences.

  • College Honors Distinguished Faculty

    The College of Sciences annually recognizes outstanding faculty and staff. Learn a little more about this year's recipients: Michael Pravica and Brian Hedlund.

  • Microbiologist Elected Fellow

    School of Life Sciences director Dennis Bazylinksi was recently named a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology. Fellows of the Academy are elected annually through a highly selective, peer-review process based on their record of scientific achievement and original contributions that have advanced microbiology.

  • Photojournal: The Belly of the Sump

    Go along with a band of UNLV researchers as they uncover the skull of an extinct elephant-like creature that once roamed Esmeralda County.

  • Steeped in Research

    Local high school teachers trek to Chinese hot springs with a UNLV team to immerse themselves in field experiences and bring back new approaches to teaching.

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