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  • Revolutionary Gene-editing Technique

    UNLV personalized medicine researchers seeking patent on potential HIV cure. Their technique uses a plant protein widely used in agriculture industry.

  • The Back Story: Building in Motion

    Why the Bigelow Physics Building has a swooping roofline and an apple tree.

  • The Pupfish Paradox

    UNLV researchers Frank van Breukelen and Stanley Hillyard discover the pupfish's unique ability to go without oxygen. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to the endangered species.

  • Otherworldly Investigations

    Data from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program is helping geoscientist Elisabeth Hausrath understand how soil and water might have once interacted on the surface of our solar system’s most-Earthlike neighbor.

  • 2015 Faculty Opportunity Awards

    Geoscience professor Arya Udry was one of six College of Sciences faculty or teams who were recipients of a 2015 Faculty Opportunity Award, which provide support for the development of research areas with potential for continued funding.