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  • College of Sciences Student Named Outstanding Graduate

    Biology student Kevin Tamadonfar was honored as one of UNLV's outstanding graduates at spring commencement. He is part of a research team that is exploring life at high temperatures in seemingly inhospitable geothermal hot springs and will soon begin his first research rotation in the MD-Ph.D. program at Washington University, in St. Louis.

  • The Pupfish Paradox

    UNLV researchers Frank van Breukelen and Stanley Hillyard discover the pupfish's unique ability to go without oxygen. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to the endangered species.

  • Otherworldly Investigations

    Data from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program is helping geoscientist Elisabeth Hausrath understand how soil and water might have once interacted on the surface of our solar system’s most-Earthlike neighbor.

  • Science in Motion: Rebecca Martin

    She is interested in solving puzzles in theoretical astrophysics from how stars and planetary systems form to how supermassive black holes grow in the centers of galaxies.

  • My Degree at Work: Robyn Howley

    A geoscience associate for ExxonMobil’s Upstream Research Company, she is focused on understanding the fundamental controls on reservoir quality in unconventional plays. Her advice for students is to learn good communication skills.

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