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  • Coupling Up May Make Life Possible on Other Planets

    Planetary neighbors can help each other sustain life, according to new research from UNLV and Harvard scientists.

  • Digging Up Mammoth Fossils

    A fossil mammoth tusk and molar recently excavated by UNLV paleontologists soon will give us a better idea of what Southern Nevada was like thousands of years ago when animals such as mammoths and camels roamed the valley.

  • College of Sciences Alumnus of the Year

    Dr. Matthew Schwartz was named the 2015 College of Sciences Alumnus of the Year. He is a radiation oncologist at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada and serves as a member of the Radiation Executive Committee of the U.S. Oncology Network. Learn more about how he ended up at UNLV, why he returned to Las Vegas to practice medicine, and why he advises students to dream big.

  • Survival of the Fattest

    Why UNLV researchers bred their fruit flies to be obese — and what their work reveals about heart disease.

  • The Climate Change Secrets of Stalagmites

    UNLV geoscientist Matthew Lachniet is exploring the links between wet conditions starting 5,000 years ago and weather events such as El Niño in the Desert Southwest.