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  • Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture

    Dec. 1, 7:30 p.m., Robert L. Bigelow Physics, Room 102

    Sean Carroll from the California Institute of Technology will be the guest speaker at the Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture Series. His talk is titled, "The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time." This event is hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy. All are invited to attend.

  • Three-Dimensional Model Kits Let Students Visualize Molecules

    Organic chemistry students are benefiting from new three-dimensional molecular model kits that they can borrow from the UNLV University Libraries. The models are sized for concept and portability.

  • My Degree at Work: Dr. Matthew Schwartz

    A Rebel through and through, Dr. Matthew Schwartz credits UNLV with providing him a strong foundation to be a successful medical student. Learn why he chose to return to Las Vegas to practice medicine and why his job as a radiation oncologist is both challenging and rewarding.

  • Science in Motion: Allen Gibbs

    Life Sciences professor Allen Gibbs studies how organisms interact with and respond to their surroundings, which has real-life implications. Learn about his All-American fruit flies and why he suggests not changing the channel when a science program is on TV.

  • My Degree at Work: Nathan Rowe

    Even though he grew up near Reno, Nathan Rowe wanted a fresh start and the challenge of a new environment, so he came to UNLV. He discusses why math seems so daunting, the importance of taking a computer science class, and how UNLV helped round out his rough edges.