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  • Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture

    Sept. 17, 7:30 p.m., Robert L. Bigelow Physics, Room 102

    Mario Livio of the Space Telescope Science Institute will be the guest speaker at the Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture Series. His talk is titled, "Brilliant Blunders." Hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy, all are invited to attend.

  • The Back Story: Building in Motion

    Why the Bigelow Physics Building has a swooping roofline and an apple tree.

  • The Pupfish Paradox

    UNLV researchers Frank van Breukelen and Stanley Hillyard discover the pupfish's unique ability to go without oxygen. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost to the endangered species.

  • Otherworldly Investigations

    Data from NASA’s Mars Exploration Program is helping geoscientist Elisabeth Hausrath understand how soil and water might have once interacted on the surface of our solar system’s most-Earthlike neighbor.

  • 2015 Faculty Opportunity Awards

    Geoscience professor Arya Udry was one of six College of Sciences faculty or teams who were recipients of a 2015 Faculty Opportunity Award, which provide support for the development of research areas with potential for continued funding.