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  • Better Chemotherapy Treatments

    Chemistry professors' research aims to improve drugs that are effective at treating cancer but leave patients dealing with terrible side effects.

  • Battling Bacteria

    Chemistry professor developing treatment to help the good bacteria battle the bad bacteria in your stomach.

  • Steeped in Research

    Local high school teachers trek to Chinese hot springs with a UNLV team to immerse themselves in field experiences and bring back new approaches to teaching.

  • 'The Machine' is UNLV's Star Research Attraction

    Led by chemistry professor Clemens Heske, UNLV's Energy Conversion Research Group uses the machine to study surfaces and interfaces of devices devoted to the conversion of energy.

  • Dennis Lindle Named Distinguished Professor

    Physical chemist receives the highest honor the university bestows on faculty members.


Welcome to the Department of Chemistry! The science of chemistry deals with the composition, analysis, structure, and properties of matter and the various transformations matter may undergo. The department’s curriculum meets the needs of students intending to enter the workforce or pursue advanced training in the sciences, medicine, and other professional and technical fields.

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