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Undergraduate Admissions

Review the college requirements prior to applying to the College of Sciences. To be admitted to an undergraduate program in the College of Sciences, you can apply to UNLV and the College of Sciences simultaneously or you can transfer from another major or be undeclared.

The undergraduate application is online — simply follow the steps on the university’s admissions page. You’ll find information for freshmen, transfer students, and international students.

When filling out the undergraduate application, be sure to indicate your major in the College of Sciences.

Note for Students Changing Majors

If you are already admitted to UNLV and studying in a major outside the College of Sciences, you may request admission to the college through the change of major process. You will need to meet with an academic advisor in the College of Sciences to review the program requirements and any ramifications to the change in your educational career. Please call 895-2077 to make an appointment with an advisor.

Graduate Admissions

Review the program requirements prior to applying to a graduate program. You must first apply for admission to the UNLV Graduate College by completing an online application found in the upper right-hand column of the Graduate College webpage. Admission requirements are different for each of the post-graduate degrees offered through the College of Sciences.