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Submit Materials to the IRB

An eligible principal investigator must be the official researcher of record on all UNLV human subjects protocols. Please review the PI Eligibility Policy to determine who may serve in this role. Students may not serve in the role of PI on a research project; however, they may submit protocols as student investigators working under a faculty member who serves as the PI on the study.

Researchers may submit protocols using two methods: 1) Online through CyberIRB® or 2) by email. Regardless of the method, all protocols must be submitted by the PI listed on the protocol in order to be accepted for review. Information on both methods is provided below, as well as info on updating protocols. For additional assistance on submitting a protocol, contact the Office of Research Integrity – Human Subjects at 702-895-2794 or

Submit Online via CyberIRB

UNLV has launched CyberIRB®, the new electronic Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol submission system that allows researchers to submit IRB applications online. CyberIRB® also allows researchers to view and manage all protocol materials online in one secure location, and it enables the IRB to provide a more timely review of protocols.

Access is simple:

  • Those eligible for PI status must complete the CyberIRB® Login Confidentiality Statement, found on the “Forms” website.
  • Email the completed form to from the PI’s UNLV email address.
  • A login user name and password, as well as information on how to access CyberIRB®, will be sent within 24 hours upon staff receipt of the request.
  • Student/fellow investigators, protocol coordinators, and other research team members will receive their login information once the PI has added them through the contact list in the PI’s profile.
  • Access the website at:

Individual training on CyberIRB® by the Office of Research Integrity – Human Subjects staff will be provided upon request. For more information, contact the staff at 702-895-2794 or via email at

Submit via Email

In order to submit a protocol via email, the protocol materials should be submitted from the PI’s UNLV email address. This serves as the “signature” on the proposal. All associated documents included with the proposal should be included in the email.

Update a Protocol

  • Modification Request

    Any change to an existing approved protocol must be reviewed and approved by the IRB prior to implementing the change, except when the change is necessary to eliminate apparent immediate hazards to subjects. Modification requests may be submitted via CyberIRB® or via email.
  • Continuing Review Request

    The IRB is required to review all non-exempt research projects at intervals appropriate to the degree of risk, but not less than once a year, according to federal regulations. This is called “continuing review.” It is the PI’s responsibility to submit an application for continuing review in sufficient time to permit the IRB chair or full board to review the application prior to its expiration date. As a service to investigators, the Office of Research Integrity – Human Subjects sends the principal investigator a reminder notification 30-60 days prior the study’s expiration date.

Note: No human subjects activity may take place after the expiration date of the protocol.

Continuing review information should be submitted on a Continuing Review Form either via email or CyberIRB®. Protocols that do not get renewed through the continuing review process will be closed and archived. Once the Office of Research Integrity – Human Subjects staff closes a study, the only way for the study to resume is for the investigator to submit a new protocol package for review. All human subject interaction must cease until the new application has been approved.