Research and Economic Development

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  • Paths to Innovation

    UNLV engineering professor Kwang Kim’s new water-repelling coating for condenser tubes could make the nation’s power plants more efficient. He is one of a growing number of UNLV faculty members whose research has significant commercial potential.

  • Cultivating Research

    Faculty Opportunity Award recipient Rebecca Gill used her award to conduct research on how performance assessments of judges are conducted and how gender bias may influence such evaluations.

  • Research as Remedy

    A diagnostic tool developed in part by UNLV’s Yu Kuang promises to speed physicians’ ability to assess the effectiveness of treatment of sarcoma patients. He is just one of many nursing and allied health faculty conducting research designed with patient outcomes in mind.

  • A City Within a City

    In his recent book, UNLV history professor Todd Robinson explores how civil rights struggles played out in one mid-sized American city.

  • Rx for Success

    What impact will a medical school have on UNLV's research endeavor? Dr. Barbara Atkinson, planning dean of the medical school, discusses how the school will benefit the university’s scholarly activities.


UNLV's Division of Research and Economic Development is committed to creating a campus environment that supports and promotes the performance of superior research and innovative scholarly pursuits.

The division is dedicated to helping university faculty, staff, and students continue building UNLV's reputation as a nationally recognized research institution. It is our intent to help "open the doors" to research for all who wish to recognize their full creative and intellectual potential.