Research and Economic Development

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  • From Breakthrough to Business

    UNLV faculty discoveries have commercial applications with value to the university, the private sector, and, ultimately, you. Learn about three different faculty members who are working to move their innovative thinking out of the laboratory and into the boardroom.

  • In Print

    History professor Michelle Tusan explores Britain's role in creating the Balkan States in her book, Smyrna's Ashes: Humanitarianism, Genocide, and the Birth of the Middle East.

  • Doctoral Fellowship Research

    Doctoral fellowship recipient Israel Alvarado conducts research on the cause of American Foulbrood Disease, an illness that diminishes bees’ ability to pollinate crops.

  • Helping the Most Vulnerable

    Social work professor Ramona Denby-Brinson examines how social services are provided to the most vulnerable children and their families: those who have entered the child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice systems.  

  • A New Path in AIDS Research

    Life sciences professor Martin Schiller and his team have designed a protein to enter the cells of a person with a latent HIV infection and snip out critical parts of the genome.


UNLV's Division of Research and Economic Development is committed to creating a campus environment that supports and promotes the performance of superior research and innovative scholarly pursuits.

The division is dedicated to helping university faculty, staff, and students continue building UNLV's reputation as a nationally recognized research institution. It is our intent to help "open the doors" to research for all who wish to recognize their full creative and intellectual potential.