Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

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UNLV Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum is a conference style leadership development program specifically designed to address the most pressing policy, procedural, and leadership development needs of the UNLV academic administration community.

Lincy and Angel Scholars

Through the generosity of UNLV supporters in the Las Vegas business and philanthropic community, two types of professorships — Lincy Professorships and Angel Scholars — have been created to promote and support the excellent research and educational contributions of prominent UNLV faculty.


The UNLV Collaborative Research and Education (CoRE) initiative is coordinated through the office. CoRE provides opportunities for members of the UNLV campus to meet together and with other community stakeholders to discuss scholarly topics of mutual interest. Through scholarly engagement, CoRE aims to be a catalyst for collaborative research and education. CoRE coordinates, communicates and facilitates scholarly engagement.

Digital Measures — Faculty Activities

Digital Measures is a tool for academic faculty to track in- and out-of-classroom instructional; research; creative; clinical and service activities. By adding our scholarly achievements to this comprehensive repository, Digital Measures will enable us to enter information once for various individual, department, college, and university uses — such as annual achievement reporting (self-evaluation); mid-tenure, tenure and promotion applications; vitae and bio-sketches for grant applications; accreditation self-studies; college bibliographies; and mandatory System reports.

Faculty Diversity Hiring Program

The Facuty Diversity Hiring Program is a joint effort of the Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost and the Office of Diversity Initiatives. The program, launched in FY14, is designed to increase the diversity of applicant pools for academic faculty searches through an intentional process. A department constructs a search plan that includes (1) demographic goals based on existing data for the disciplinary field in question, and (2) a recruitment strategy for underrepresented faculty.

Faculty Mentor Program

The mission of the Academic Faculty Mentoring Program (AFMP) is to provide support and information with the aim of facilitating the professional success and satisfaction of teaching faculty. The program coordinates the matching of junior faculty with mentors outside of their department, and offers mentoring training to individuals and groups on special topics.

Leadership Development Program

One of the key roles of the provost is identifying and developing campus leaders who are capable of guiding the university toward its identified goals. This initiative will take the form of a Leadership Development Program, one aspect of which is the Leadership Development Academy.