Office of the President

President's Advisory Council

The President's Advisory Council (PAC) consists of an At-Large Faculty member selected by the President (Chair), the President's Senior Advisor, the Immediate-Past Faculty Senate Chair, the Administrative Faculty Committee Chair, the Classified Staff Council Chair, the GPSA President, the CSUN President, and representatives from select campus constituencies.

With representation of campus leaders from all sectors of UNLV, the PAC invites the campus community to submit issues of importance. These issues will be communicated to the President.

The PAC directly provides the President with a sense of campus opinion on academic and non-academic matters and serves in an advisory function to the President and his Cabinet.

Committee Members

Mark Ciavola

CSUN President

Phone: 702-895-8592

Carolee Dodge-Francis, Ed.D.

American Indian Alliance

Office: BHS 517
Mail Code: 3064
Phone: 702-895-5586
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Shaun Franklin-Sewell, Ph.D.

President's Advisory Council Chair

Office: JBT 24
Mail Code: 1003
Phone: 702-895-4710

Michael Gordon, M.P.A., LL.M.

GPSA President

Office: LLB 2141
Mail Code: 3067
Phone: 702-895-2261

Kathleen Lauckner, Ph.D.

Administrative Faculty Committee Chair

Mail Code: 4009
Phone: 702-895-1423

Nancy Lough, Ph.D.

Women's Council

Office: CEB 317
Mail Code: 3003
Phone: 702-895-5392

Rimi Marwah, M.S.

Asian Pacific American Faculty Staff Alliance

Mail Code: 2001
Phone: 702-895-0661

Vincent Perez, Ph.D.

Alliance of Latino Faculty

Office: FDH 626
Mail Code: 5011
Phone: 702-895-4001

Hillery D. Pichon, B.S.

Council of African-American Professionals

Mail Code: 2032
Phone: 702-895-4331
Fax: 702-895-2518

Shannon J. Sumpter, M.F.A.

Faculty Senate

Office: FDH 404
Mail Code: 5036
Phone: 702-895-3261
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Conrad Wilson

Classified Staff Council Chair

Office: FMA 126
Mail Code: 1064
Phone: 702-895-3392

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