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GPSA Executive Board

Stop by and meet your GPSA Executive Board members. Every Friday, on a rotating basis, one of the GPSA Executive Board members will hold office hours in the GPSA satellite office located in the student Union room 306 from 11:00am – noon.

Sharon Young

GPSA President Sharon Young began her studies at UNLV in 2007 as a MA student in the Anthropology Department, and is currently working on a PhD biomedical anthropology. Her research focuses on maternal reproduction and health, investigating the growing practice of human maternal placentophagy in evolutionary and cross-cultural context. Previously, Sharon served as the Anthropology department GPSA representative and on the GPSA Sponsorship Committee before joining the e-board.

Michael Alires

GPSA Vice President Michael Alires currently a 2L at the Boyd School of Law, and he formerly attended Lincoln Christian University, where he obtained his Bachelors degree in General Ministry and his Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. This summer, he will be working with the Legal Department at The Cosmopolitan, focusing on contracts and employment issues. After graduation, he intends to pursue business litigation and transactional law. Outside of GPSA, he serves as Vice President of the Student Bar Association and is a member of the UNLV Gaming Law Journal. As VP of GPSA, Michael hopes to work towards creating more collaborative opportunities for all departments.

Meghan Pierce

GPSA Treasurer Meghan Pierce began her studies at UNLV in 2003, where she completed a BA in psychology and a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Currently, she is working on her PhD in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis on neuroscience. Her research examines the neuroendocrine correlates of stress, specifically markers of the HPA axis in various populations of veterans, females, and individuals with PTSD.

Kirk Askia Talib-deen

GPSA Secretary Kirk Talib-deen received his BA in English with an emphasis in British Literature and literary theory. Currently, he is working on his Master Thesis treating 20th century, African-American authors and the Black lived experience written from a Jazz paradigm and has applied for the PhD program. Kirk presently sits on the Executive Board of the Black Graduate Student Association and is involved in mentoring and tutoring minority youths.