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GPSA Executive Board

Surbhi Sharma

GPSA President Surbhi Sharma is currently a Ph.D. student working in Dr. Martin R. Schiller’s laboratory in the School of Life Sciences. Her dissertation research focuses on predicting the novel C-termini minimotifs in the human proteome. Previously, Surbhi served as the School of Life Sciences’ GPSA representative and held a seat on both the Sponsorship and Publications committees.

Meghan Pierce

GPSA Vice President Meghan Pierce began her studies at UNLV in 2003, after completing a B.A. in psychology, she then went on to complete a M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a M.A. in Psychology. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience. Her research examines the neuroendocrine and genetic correlates of stress, specifically markers of the HPA axis in various populations of veterans, females, and psychopathology. Meghan has held positions as the GPSA Secretary and Treasurer.

Terri Thomas

GPSA Treasurer Terri Thomas began her studies at UNLV in 2011 as a bachelor’s student in the School of Social Work.  Terri is currently working on her M.S.W. in the area of macro and community practice, as well as a Nonprofit Management Certification from the Pubic Administration Department.  Terri is utilizing her skills in her work as a Family Support Services Specialist at the Center for Academic and Outreach.  Terri has served for the past two years as the School of Social Work GPSA Representative.  As a member of the GPSA Council, Terri has served on the GPSA Sponsorship Committee, the GPSA Awards Committee and as the graduate student Commencement Marshal.  

Ariel Rosen

GPSA Secretary Ariel Rosen began her graduate studies at UNLV in 2014 as a master's student. She is currently pursuing a dual degree, a Master's in Information Systems combined with a Master's in Business Administration. Ariel is very involved in campus life, and serves as the Operations VP for the Master's of Business Administration Association, along with serving on the Publications Committee and as Chair on the Elections Committee within the GPSA. She works as a Faculty Assistant in the Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology Department.