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Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health Degree Program is designed to prepare students to be public health professionals in the private and public sectors with the overall goal of promoting and protecting the health of individuals in our society. The Master of Public Health degree (MPH) is comprised of an 18-credit required core for every student. The 27 credits represent the four primary areas of specialty offered in Public Health programs, plus one additional course entitled Fundamentals of Public Health. The four specialty areas include: (1) Social and Behavioral Health, (2) Environmental and Occupational Health, (3) Health Care Administration and Policy, and (4) Biostatistics and Epidemiology. In addition to the core courses, each student will select one 27 to credit concentration area from one of the four aforementioned concentrations. All candidates will finish their MPH degree with a 3-6 credit capstone project resulting in a 45-credit degree program.

MPH Specialty Tracks

Master of Public Health — Doctorate in Dental Medicine Track

The MPH-Doctorate in Dental Medicine Track allows student in the UNLV School of Dental Medicine to gain a deeper understanding of disease prevention, medical delivery, and health promotion at both an individual and population level within the field of dentistry. The program enables graduates to become leaders in oral health research, education, and community dental health promotion. After completing the dual program, graduates will be eligible to apply for a position within a dental public health residency program.

Students interested in applying for the DMD/MPH program should begin by applying for admissions to the UNLV School of Dental Medicine. Please see the School of Dental Medicine website for specific requirements and deadlines. Current dental students interested in the dual degree program are encouraged to submit an application for permission to enter the program to the UNLV School of Dental Medicine Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs. This request form must accompany the Graduate College application for admissions into the MPH program. Completed packets will be submitted to the Graduate College for admissions to the Master of Public Health program.