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  • UNLV Sociologists Study “Life is Beautiful”

    Led by Associate Professor Michael Ian Borer, a team of sociologists conducted an urban "flash ethnography" during the Life is Beautiful Festival in downtown Las Vegas on October 24th-26th. The team was comprised of students enrolled in Dr. Borer's Capstone in Sociology Seminar (SOC 496) and PhD students.

  • Elijah Anderson visits UNLV Sociology

    The AKD Chapter at the UNLV Department of Sociology Department was proud to host the 1st Annual Speaker Symposia with an iconic sociologist, Professor Elijah Anderson, on March 13, 2014. Pictured are Dr. Anderson with Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator Christie Batson and several AKD undergraduate students.

  • Fall 2015 Senior Capstone

    Fall 2015 Senior Capstone Announced: SOC 496 The Sociological Imagination and Las Vegas will be a research project based course that will focus on social problems in Las Vegas.

  • Sociologists for Women in Society

    UNLV Sociologists, past, present and future, rock the Sociologists for Women in Society February 2014 winter meetings in Nashville! From left Crystal Jackson, Suzanne Becker, Barb Brents, Jenni Whitmer, Georgiann Davis, Emily Mann, Ranita Ray, and Jennifer Reed, with Ana Prokos and Jennifer Keene in the front row.

  • AKD - Sociology Honor Society

    Learn about joining Alpha Kappa Delta - The International Society in Sociology.