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Faculty/Staff Directory

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Kim T. Mai

Visiting Assistant Professor in Residence of Orthodontics
Office: SLC-D 244
Mail Code: 7422
Phone: 702-774-2698

Bob M. Martin

Assistant Professor in Residence of Orthodontics
Office: SLC-D 243
Mail Code: 7422
Phone: 702-774-2690

George J. McAlpine

Director of Advanced Education Program, General Practice Residency
Mail Code: 7424
Phone: 702-671-5134

Mildred A. McClain

Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-B 243
Mail Code: 7425
Phone: 702-774-2642

Connie C. Mobley

Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Associate Dean for Research
Office: SLC-B 219
Mail Code: 7425
Phone: 702-774-2643

David R. Neill

Application Administrator
Office: SLC-B 247
Mail Code: 7419
Phone: 702-774-2579

Stanley J. Nelson

Professor & Division Chief of Simulation Laboratory of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-D 204D
Mail Code: 7415
Phone: 702-774-2659

Michael F. Neubauer

Associate Professor in Residence General Practice Residency Program
Mail Code: 7424
Phone: 702-671-5137