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Faculty/Staff Directory

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Gerald D. Fox

Visiting Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-D 257
Mail Code: 7415
Phone: 702-774-2686

Gillian M.P. Galbraith

Professor & Chair of Biomedical Sciences
Office: SLC-B 238
Mail Code: 7412
Phone: 702-774-2622

John T. Gallob

Assistant Professor in Residence of Clinical Sciences
Mail Code: 7424
Phone: 702-774-5099

Civon L. Gewelber

Visiting Assistant Professor in Residence
Office: SLC-D 261
Mail Code: 7415
Phone: 702-774-7804

Christine Haskin

Associate Professor in Residence of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-A 204J
Mail Code: 7415
Phone: 702-774-2676

Ellen V. Herrick

Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration
Office: SLC-B 221
Mail Code: 7419
Phone: 702-774-2543

Edward E. Herschaft

Professor of Biomedical Sciences & Director of Quality Assurance & Insurance Undergraduate Clinics
Office: SLC-B 214
Mail Code: 7412
Phone: 702-774-2654

Stanley D. Hillyard

Professor of Biomedical Sciences
Office: SLC-B 232
Mail Code: 7412
Phone: 702-774-2624


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