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Master of Science in Hotel Administration

The 36-hour Master of Science in Hotel Administration degree program will prepare you for a successful career as an upper-level executive in the hospitality industry or as an instructor/researcher in a hospitality education program. You can choose from several tracks of study including food service management, hotel administration, hospitality education, convention and meeting management, or casino and gaming management.

In addition to these traditional areas, a curriculum with an emphasis in hospitality accounting, human resource management, or marketing may be arranged. You will have the opportunity to thoroughly research a subject that is of special interest to you by writing a thesis or professional paper. The decision as to topic and format for your final project will be based on your career goals and made through consultation with your advisor.

Deadlines for admittance are as follows: Fall Admit – August 1 (international students, May 1); Spring Admit – November 15 (international students, October 1).

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the functions of human resource management, with special attention to strategic human resource alliances and developing trends.
  • Apply accounting and financial information to executive decision making in the hospitality industry.
  • Develop marketing & advertising systems for hospitality industries based on the need to create new markets and the need to respond to significant shifts in social and economic patterns.
  • Examine service marketing and management concepts relevant to the hospitality industry and explore how these concepts can be applied to service delivery systems
  • Examine research methods including:  scientific method, literature review, sampling, statistics, research design and analytical technique.
  • Examine mechanisms and techniques employed in the management of hotel management, convention and meetings management, casino management, or food service management.
  • Develop critical analytical skills to assess the quality of the research and information that students will encounter in their professional lives.
  • Conduct independent research in their major area of work on the analysis of a problem for a hospitality organization. 
  • Plan, organize, design, construct, and carry out research to help solve identified problems.