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Unseen Selections: Las Vegas Art Museum Collection


Deborah Aschheim, Erin Cosgrove, Lucky DeBellevue, Ash Ferlito, and David Gilbert

May 20–September 10, 2016

Featuring paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, and photographs from contemporary artists based in LA and New York. Materiality, attitude, and wit tie their work together, as well as their past participation in the ongoing UNLV Artist-in-Residence Program.

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Teaching Gallery

New exhibition coming soon.

Braunstein Gallery

Unseen Selections: Las Vegas Art Museum Collection

In Transition: Female Figurines from the Braunstein Collection

As one of the most commonly found objects from the pre-Hispanic era, figurines bring us closer to understanding the cultures of Mesoamerica, South America, and Central America. The small-scale of these objects triggers memory and personal engagement. Figurines are uniquely suited to embody personal powers, histories, accomplishments, and losses, and represent the people that created them. These figurines reveal details of daily life that are impossible to reconstruct through other media, thus providing a glimpse into the lives and cultures of these ancient peoples. This exhibition focuses on the female figurine — specifically those forms depicting women transitioning from maiden to motherhood.