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UNLV Faculty, Staff & Students

The Marjorie Barrick Museum is a teaching institution with a primary responsibility of providing UNLV faculty and students with access to its outstanding collections through a variety of programs and services. The museum encourages faculty from all disciplines to take advantage of the following offerings. Museum staff members also are always available to meet with faculty to create new connections between course work and our collections.

For more information, to schedule appointments, or a guided group tour, please email Aurore Giguet.

To View Objects from Storage

The museum’s collection includes 1,000’s of objects of which only a small percentage are on view at any given time. UNLV faculty are welcome to schedule class or personal research visits to view specific objects from storage. Please call to make an appointment as early in the semester as possible.

Mannetta Braunstein Research Library

The library is open by appointment only, Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment, please email Aurore Giguet.


The internship program at the Barrick Museum can be a one or two-term course of study at the museum where students are supervised on a one-on-one basis by a museum professional. Students are introduced to professional level museum work by participating in a range of everyday activities and by assuming responsibility for at least one specific project. Internships will be modified according to student interest and talents. Academic credit can be arranged in association with your department; typically, students enroll in an Independent Study and design a project in conjunction with their professor. Examples of the kinds of projects an intern might perform at the Barrick Museum include:

  • Scripting an audio tour;
  • Developing an application for iOS, WebOS, Android, or Windows 7 devices;
  • Creating a marketing or outreach plan directed at a segment of the UNLV or Las Vegas community;
  • Designing an educational program for adults or children;
  • Organizing a special event or conference at the Museum;
  • Creating a publication relating to some aspect of the Museum' s activities or collection;
  • Create a series of workshops in the Museum;
  • Write a walking tour of the Xeric Garden;
  • Document aspects of the Museum' s collection;
  • Develop a reading list and storytelling program related to themes in the Museum;
  • Help organize an academic symposium;
  • Develop a fundraising plan;
  • Other projects developed between you, your department, and the Museum.

Volunteer Opportunities

Students Volunteer opportunities in administrative and curatorial departments are available throughout the academic year. Undergraduate and graduate students should apply to Alisha Kerlin. Positions will be filled as museum needs arise.

Work Study

The museum provides work-study opportunities for UNLV undergraduate and graduate students throughout the year. For more information on student employment opportunities and to review job listings, see UNLV Hire a Rebel.