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  • UNLV Research. Proud of it.

    Why is research so important to UNLV, its students, and the community?

  • International Acclaim

    UNLV anthropologist Brian Villmoare brought international attention to UNLV recently with the discovery of a 2.8 million-year-old fossilized jawbone from Ethiopia.
  • Rare Discovery

    UNLV chemistry professor David Hatchett and his team have discovered a process for more efficient recovery and separation of rare earth metals for use in electronics and other technology.

  • Team Approach

    Life science professor Penny Amy (left) discusses treatments for American foul brood disease with research assistants Rebecca Kolstad (center) and Diane Yost.

  • Power of Research

    UNLV physics professor Yusheng Zhao and his team are working to improve the batteries that power our personal gadgets and electric vehicles.


UNLV's Division of Research and Economic Development is committed to creating a campus environment that supports and promotes the performance of superior research and innovative scholarly pursuits.

The division is dedicated to helping university faculty, staff, and students continue building UNLV's reputation as a nationally recognized research institution. It is our intent to help "open the doors" to research for all who wish to recognize their full creative and intellectual potential.

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