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Advising in Sciences UNLV College of Sciences - Academic Advising.

UNLV Celebrates: Past, Present, and Future May 1, 2015 - A celebration of UNLV's history and future as we welcomed and installed Dr. Len Jessup as our 10th president. This community event showcased ...

Public Procurement: The Achilles Heel of Good Governance Brookings Scholar Lecture Series. Jeffrey Gutman - April 15, 2015.

U.S. Military Intervention and the American Presidency Brookings Scholar Lecture Series. Jeremy Shapiro - April 8, 2015.

Community-Level Action and Interventions to Improve Public Health Tobacco Control, Obesity, and Community Dynamics. Brookings Scholar Lecture Series. Ross A. Hammond - March 25, 2015.

UNLV Student Life - The Early Days Learn a little about UNLV's early history from someone one of our first students. This video highlights the UNLV Libraries' Oral History Research Center and the ...

Mega-Regional Free Trade Agreements Brookings Scholar Lecture Series. Joshua Meltzer - March 11, 2015.

Town Hall - March 12, 2015 Town Hall Meeting with President Len Jessup.