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Innovation Back Issues

Winter 2015

Cover: "A quest For Our Origins: An Extraordinary Fossil Find Alters the Record of Humanity’s Emergence"

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Winter 2014

Cover: "Paths to Innovation: How Research can be Good for Business"

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Winter 2013

Cover: "Research That Helps the Most Vulnerable: Ramona Denby-Brinson Studies Ways to Help Kids in Need and Their Families"

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Fall 2012

Cover: "National Science Foundation Career Awards: Meet Five UNLV Winners of One of the NSF's Most Prestigious Research Awards"

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Fall 2011

Cover: "Realizing the Promise: Research and Discovery in UNLV's Science and Engineering Building"

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Fall 2009

Cover: "Irrefutably Brilliant: UNLV's Astrophysics Superstar Bing Zhang"

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Spring 2008

Cover: "Graduate Education and Research at UNLV"

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Winter 2006

Cover: "The Hydrogen Equation: Advancing Hydrogen Fuel Technology"

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Summer 2005

(formerly known as UNLV Fusion)
Cover: "A Wellspring of Discovery: Arid Lands Provide Fertile Ground for UNLV Research"

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