School of Community Health Sciences

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Academic Programs

Public Health

Public health is the science and art of protecting and improving the health and quality of life of populations, locally and globally. This is accomplished by promoting healthy lifestyles and by identifying and preventing diseases and injuries that threaten the health of a community. Public health incorporates multiple approaches, including epidemiology and biostatistics, health services and health economics, environmental health, social and behavioral health, and public policy. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of public health, there is a wealth of career opportunities for graduates. The courses required in the public health programs provide students with a foundation in the four core subdisciplines and numerous opportunities to build knowledge and skills in community, laboratory, and research environments.

Health Care Administration and Policy

Health care administration and policy relates to leadership, management, and administration of public health and health care systems, hospitals, and a variety of health agencies. Students in these degree programs will gain knowledge of health care policy, health information technologies, and business skills that provide a strong foundation for a health care administration career. Health care administrators have responsibility for organizational management functions, such as budgets and services, work closely with health departments and insurance providers, and help shape policy. The courses required in the health care administration and policy programs give students a solid background in health services leadership and opportunities for a variety of exciting professional careers.