Police Services

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  • K-9 Unit

    UNLV Police K-9 Unit officers have trained for over 288 hours with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's K-9 Unit.

  • Police Services Auto Patrol

    UNLV Police utilize automobile, bicycle, and Enduro motorized bikes to keep the UNLV community safe.

  • Detectives Unit

    Police Services' detectives conduct background checks, review all police reports, and handle a variety of other investigative responsibilities to keep the UNLV community safe.

  • Bicycle Patrol

    Police Services' bicycle patrol is part of the department's community-policing program allowing officers to more easily and readily interact with members of the campus community.

  • Girls on Guard

    Police Services' offers opportunities for the campus community to learn how to protect themselves and their property.


In 1965, Nevada Revised Statute 396.325 became law, giving our Board of Regents the authority to create a police department for the Nevada university system. On June 11, 1965, the Board of Regents created the University of Nevada Police. Since that time, university police officers have served the UNLV community. In 1972, the Board of Regents founded an independent police department for UNLV.

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