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GWAC Previous Guest Lectures

As the following list indicates, GWAC has been able to bring outstanding scholars to campus for public lectures.



  • Wayne Rebhorn, "World Literature's Bad Boy: Boccaccio and His Decameron," November 2015
  • Joe Goodkin, "The Odyssey: A Folk Opera by Joe Goodkin," April 2015
  • Steven Forde, "Are Science and Liberty Compatible? John Locke's Thoughts," March 2015


  • Alexander Waugh, “Evelyn Waugh and the Question of Inheritance,” March 2012
  • Susan Shell, “Are All Rights Human Rights? Personhood from Hobbes to Citizens United,” March 2012


  • George Thomas, “Is the President Constitutionally Obligated to Ignore the Supreme Court?,” April 2011



  • Richard Jenkyns, “Is Jane Austen Modern?,” April 2008
  • Clifford Orwin, “Is Compassion Good for Us? Nietzsche’s Politically Incorrect Thoughts,” March 2008
  • Robert Alter, “Translating the Bible,” February 2008


  • Paul A. Cantor, “The Merchant of Venice: The Comic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism,” April 2007
  • Michael Ruse, “The Origin of Species: Then and Now” February 2007


  • Victor Davis Hanson, “Thucydides, the Peloponnesian War, and Its Modern Relevance,” October 2006
  • Maximillian E. Novak, “How Robinson Crusoe Started the Novel,” September 2006