Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences

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Faculty and students within Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences conduct and lead research studies throughout the year.

The department has well-equipped laboratories used for teaching and research.

Biomechanics Laboratory

The Biomechanics Laboratory is housed in the 3,000-square-foot Sports Injury Research Center facility on the UNLV campus. Co-Directors John Mercer, Ph.D., and Janet Dufek, Ph.D., share a research focus on lower-extremity function and injury prevention, which fosters a collaborative research environment for faculty and students.

Exercise Physiology Laboratory

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory comprises three rooms that focus on human performance, exercise biochemistry, and body composition. Equipment for evaluating human performance includes a Precore treadmill, Precore elliptical machine, Hammer Strength Iso-lateral High Row machine, Maxicam bench press, Quinton electrocardiogram machine, and AEI Moxus metabolic measurement system.

Equipment for exercise biochemistry includes an Epoch 96-well microtiter plate reader, Beckman refrigerated centrifuge, Eppendorf micro centrifuge, Revco -80 freezer, Air Science ductless fume hood, Precision reciprocal shaking water bath, Genesys Gamma-1 RIA gamma counter, and Barnstead Mega Pure water system.

Equipment used for determining body composition includes an underwater weighing system, BOD POD, and Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA).

Motor Performance and Learning Laboratory

Housed in the Paul McDermott Physical Education Building, the Motor Performance and Learning Lab consists of a testing room, work and meeting space, and a storage area. The lab is equipped with a stabilometer (stability platform), portable force platform, ski simulator, Bassin anticipation timer, reaction time measurement devices, and video camera. The testing room contains a putting green, driving range golf mat, catch net, and ball machine for experiments that require swinging, batting, or throwing motions.

Physical Activity Policy Research Laboratory

The Physical Activity Policy Research Lab is located in the McDermott Physical Education Complex (MPE), Room 330. Research in this lab focuses on examining physical activity in relation to policy and the environment in a variety of active living domains, including schools, workplaces, community recreation venues, and transportation.

The work conducted by faculty and students has appeared in multiple national and international publications.