Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

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  • Multidisciplinary Studies

    The degree program is designed for those who have clear interests and objectives that overlap colleges and/or departments, and whose objectives cannot reasonably be met through existing majors and minors.

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

    Gender and Sexuality Studies is a relatively new field of study that seeks to correct institutional neglect, denial and devaluation of the study of women and gender in higher education. Our program is designed to focus students on the relationship between feminist theories and women’s activism throughout history.

  • Afro-American Studies

    The program provides you with the critical tools required, and to expose them to the historical knowledge and current research necessary, for an informed understanding of the Afro-American experience today.

  • Feminist Series

    The Feminist Series professors in the Interdisciplinary Studies program will present their research including but not limited to: pop culture, sexual politics and activism from an interdisciplinary standpoint. The series is free and will take place at the recreation center.

  • Doing Science

    Dr. Sara P. Diaz will discuss the life of Roger Arliner Young, the first African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in zoology (1940). Fifty years after her death, Young’s professional experiences continue to resonate with many women of color in science and the academy.



The objective of these programs is to enable students to construct individualized and rigorous degrees by taking courses from across the departments and colleges at UNLV. Students combine their coursework in innovative and personalized ways in order to meet their career goals and individual interests.

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