Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

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Faculty/Staff Directory

Sheila Bock, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: CBC-B 417
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-0119
Fax: 702-895-4097

Manoucheka Celeste, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Comparative Ethnic Studies
Office: CBC-B 408
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-6147
Fax: 702-895-0850

Lynn Comella, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Office: CBC-B 412
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-5451
Fax: 702-895-0850

Tim Gauthier, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director, Multidisciplinary Studies and Social Science Studies
Office: CBC-B 416
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-0356
Fax: 702-895-4097

Stacy I Macías

Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Office: CBC-B 410
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-5399

Brandon Manning, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, African American Studies  Assistant Professor/Undergraduate Advisor, Gender and Sexuality Studies  
Office: CBC-B 409
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-5399

Tanachai Mark Padoongpatt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: CBC-B 421
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-0847
Fax: 702-895-0850

Anita Tijerina Revilla, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director, Interdisciplinary Degree Programs
Office: CBC-B 411
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-1525

Janeen Reza

Administrative Assistant III
Office: CBC-B 422
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-0837
Fax: 702-895-0850

Alicia Rico

Chair, Latin American Studies Committee
Associate Professor, Department of World Languages and Cultures (Spanish)
Office: FDH 502
Mail Code: 5047
Phone: 702-895-4874

Danielle Roth-Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Office: CBC-B 419
Mail Code: 5027
Phone: 702-895-1024
Fax: 702-895-0850

Rainier Spencer, Ph.D.

Professor, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Associate Vice President for Diversity Initiatives
Office: FDH 704
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-5833
Fax: 702-895-5977 (Office of Diversity Initiatives); 702-895-3670 (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs)