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Summer Intern Housing

If you have verifiable employment with a local Las Vegas business or organization, you are eligible for our summer intern housing program. We provide clean, comfortable, and affordable housing, with a friendly staff available 24 hours a day.


UNLV Intern Housing offers a variety of exceptional services:

  • 24-hour guest services desk.
  • 24-hour on-call maintenance.
  • Complimentary internet connections.
  • Limited mail service (Receiving location).
  • Lost and found.
  • Snack and beverage vending machines on site.
  • Furnished social lounges with television.

Additional Services

For an additional fee:


  • Deluxe Single Room – $20 per night($600 per month based on 30 nights)
    Note: A non-refundable deposit of $125 will be collected at the time of reservation.
  • Lost access card charge – $10
  • Lost mailbox key charge – $25


  • Guests (Interns) are responsible for supplying their own:
    • Soft goods such as linens, blankets, pillows, or towels.
    • Toiletry items including paper goods.
    • Personal hygiene items.
  • Wake-up calls are not available
  • It is recommended to bring a desk lamp or study light for increased brightness.
  • A micro-fridge (a small room combination appliance) is provided in each room. Combination unit includes refrigerator, freezer, and microwave.

Telephones and Messages

  • Telephones are provided in each guest room.
  • Incoming calls can be received, and local calls may be placed at no charge to the guest.
  • Long-distance calls may be placed only by using calling cards or by calling toll-free.
  • Individual room telephone numbers will be issued upon check-in.
  • Messages for guests may be left at the Conference Housing Office and will be posted on the guest message board. Anyone needing to leave a message should call 702-895-5557 or stop by the office. In an emergency, we will make every attempt to locate the guest. To protect guest’s privacy, we will not give out information over the telephone and will only take a message to be relayed to the guest.


  • Guests (Interns) may receive mail and packages once they have arrived on campus.
  • All envelopes and packages should be addressed:
    Name of Intern (No nicknames; name on package must match name of guest)
    Conference Housing
    1130 University Road
    Las Vegas, NV 89119