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Senior Design

Each student in his or her senior year chooses, plans, designs, and prototypes a product in this required element of the College of Engineering curriculum. The senior design project encourages the student to work collaboratively and draw from their overall educational experience within the engineering and computer science programs to create a practical, real-world solution to an engineering or computer challenge.

A highlight of the semester to year-long senior design project is the senior design competition, which helps the senior students to focus their efforts on increasing the quality and potential for commercial application of their design projects.

Judges from local industry evaluate the projects on innovation, commercial potential, and presentation quality, and awards are presented at an annual dinner. One overall winner is chosen, as are winners from each discipline, and a multidisciplinary category. Each receives monetary awards, certificates of recognition, and a commemorative plaque.

Senior Design Competition Booklets

Learn more about our senior design program and take a look at past competitions by selecting a publication from the list below.