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Scholarship Overview

The college is pleased to have the ability, based upon donor funding, to award annual scholarships to undergraduate, graduate and professional students pursuing a degree within the College of Engineering. All engineering students are encouraged to complete the application to be considered for all applicable scholarships.

Please note: There are multiple scholarships awarded to students, but students do not apply for each scholarship individually; but rather complete the general College of Engineering Scholarship Application for consideration. The scholarships being awarded may vary from year to year based upon continued funding. Scholarships do not automatically renew. ALL STUDENTS MUST REAPPLY ANNUALLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY.

Scholarships are awarded based upon factors as established by the private donor and UNLV. These factors for scholarship awarding can include: GPA within a discipline, financial need, ethnicity, major, class rank, and gender. Additional scholarship opportunities can be found by visiting the main page for UNLV Financial Aid and Scholarships. In addition, other outside scholarship opportunities are posted throughout the year on the main college website and via our social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter.

Scholarship Application & Instructions

Scholarship Application

The College of Engineering Scholarship Application is closed for first-round awarding for the 2014-2015 academic year. Students may continue to apply, but will only be considered if there are funds left over after the first round of awarding has been completed.

Each student must complete the college scholarship application by Feb. 15 to be eligible for priority first-round awarding. Applications will continue to be accepted after Feb. 15, but are not guaranteed to be considered for awarding if all funding is disbursed during the initial round of awarding. This application will remain on record until the end of the spring 2014 semester.

To apply you must complete the following items:

  • Complete the scholarship application found linked to the bottom of the webpage;
  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a current instructor, supervisor, community leader/mentor or other related individual who can comment on your interest in your discipline and your future plans. The letter can be submitted via email to the address listed below or in person at the College of Engineering Advising Center - TBE A 207. *Please note the College of Engineering reserves the right to request a new letter of recommendation if the letter does not fit the criteria listed above.*
  • Complete a FAFSA form for the upcoming school year to be eligible and considered for needs-based scholarships.  FAFSA data is provided to the College by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. The priority date for filing the FAFSA for UNLV and the College of Engineering is February 1st.

The college scholarship committees begin the award process for the next academic year each March and first-round awarding is determined by May 1. Jennifer Kennedy, the scholarship administrator will notify scholarship winners via mail by May 30.  Scholarship recipients receive an award letter and packet from the Dean and Associate Dean indicating the following:

  • Scholarship name and award amount;
  • Requirements for maintain the scholarship for the current academic year;
  • Scholarship criterion that students must verify they meet to be eligible for scholarship disbursement in August;
  • A scholarship acceptance form that recipients must sign and return by the date indicated in the award letter to formally accept or decline their award;
  • Scholarship questionnaire that must be returned with the scholarship acceptance form;
  • A thank-you card to be sent to the donor of the scholarship, which also must be submitted with the acceptance form and the questionnaire.

All items required to be returned to the College of Engineering must be returned to Jennifer Kennedy, Scholarship Coordinator in the College of Engineering Advising Center — TBE-A 207

Once all information is received, the monetary award is applied to your account by August 30.

For engineering scholarship information and questions, contact:
Jennifer Kennedy
Scholarship Coordinator
Director, College of Engineering Academic Advising Center
Phone: 702-895-2522