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Current/Future Exhibitions

Dates are subject to change. Please call the gallery for current information, 702-895-3893.


MFA Thesis Exhibition: Scott Grow

March 24 - 28, 2014
Scott Grow has long been fascinated by process and experimentation with material, and by the contemplation of space, form and the movement of light and color across a surface. In his work, he seeks a simplicity wherein a visual sensation, a tone, becomes embedded in the work. His hope is to encapsulate an essence of nature, the alchemical wonder of natural phenomena, through the mediums of painting and sculpture.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Austin Dickson
Chill Ass Art Genius

March 31 - April 4, 2014
The focus of Austin Dickson’s digital work is on life lived through the Internet, which has lead to a global language built solely on images. One hundred billion plus photos uploaded to Facebook alone demonstrates how significant the image has become. Dickson investigates how lacking in material substance these channels appear. No consideration is given to the nature of the YouTube video beyond how cute the cats are, or how easily 300 consecutive photos of an ex-girlfriend were viewed on Facebook. It is the underlying nature of these channels, both experiential and structural, that Dickson examines.

MFA Thesis Exhibition: Lolita Develay

April 7 - 11, 2014
With the work of Lolita Develay, highly chromatic paint is tightly controlled with passages of realism and abstraction throughout all the work. The duality of skill and technique with strong images belie and intentionally obscure the concept behind the work. Influenced by her observations of Western cultural pursuit of self-actualization, these works are her perception of how capitalist values are manifest in consumerism. They interpret our desires, our attractions, and our aspirations of the ideals of beauty. 

2014 Annual Juried Student Exhibition

April 18 - 26, 2014
Each year the Donna Beam Gallery and the art department join in presenting the annual juried exhibition, which is open to all students. The Artist-in-Residence for the second half of the spring semester is invited to judge submissions, which run the range of artistic media. Winners will be selected from the accepted entries and prizes will be awarded.

2014 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

May 2 - 30, 2014
BFA students, Charlie Correales, Andrew Dwyer, Jon Estrada, Brooke Fitzgerald, Richard Guillian, Alex Kereczman, Piotr Potoczny, Richard Sjolie, and Gosha Tomasik present final projects as they finish their studio work in pursuit of a BFA degree. Their concentrations range from graphic arts and printmaking to painting, photography and sculpture in their pursuit of individual statements.