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SDM Faculty/Staff Directory

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Gary L. Radziewicz

Dental Laboratory Services Manager
Office: SLC-A 104H
Mail Code: 7414
Phone: 702-774-2815

Robin E. Reinke

Assistant Professor in Residence of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-D 248
Mail Code: 7416
Phone: 702-774-2581

Jonathan E. Rothbart

Associate Professor in Residence of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-D 262
Mail Code: 7416
Phone: 702-774-2516

R. Michael Sanders

Professor and Chair of Clinical Sciences
Office: SLC-A 204H
Mail Code: 7415
Phone: 702-774-2260

DeeAnn Savilla

Enrollment and Records Coordinator
Office: SLC-D 269
Mail Code: 7410
Phone: 702-774-2515

Clifford C. Seran

Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences in Orthodontics
Office: SLC-D 241
Mail Code: 7422
Phone: 702-774-7697

Judith Skelton

Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Assistant Dean for Outreach and Engagement
Office: SLC-B 249
Mail Code: 7412
Phone: 702-774-2634

Noriko Takeda

Research & Grant Administrator
Office: SLC-B 245
Mail Code: 7419
Phone: 702-774-2568