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Dental care with the student doctors may take a longer period of time, but you can be assured of personal attention and supervision. Student doctors and residents provide the majority of treatment, which is always supervised by our dental faculty. Therefore, appointment lengths may vary, but generally range from two to four hours. You should plan to be here a half day every other week for your dental treatment.

Our students have classes they must attend along with taking care of patients. Their time is limited, and it is important that patients work with their student doctor or resident and meet their appointments.

Appointments in the Community Practice are similar to a private practice.

Missed Appointments in the Student Program

If you miss an appointment, your student doctor or resident cannot make up that time. Loss of clinic time can keep a student doctor or resident from completing their educational program. More importantly, missed appointments may cause us to discontinue your treatment. If it is absolutely necessary to cancel your appointment, you should do so at least 24 hours before the time of the appointment. You can also call the Team scheduler to which your treatment has been assigned.

Team Scheduler Phone Number
Team 1 702-774-2420
Team 2 702-774-2424
Team 3 702-774-2428
Team 4 702-774-2434
Faculty Practice 702-774-8000
Orthodontics 702-774-2690
Pediatrics 702-774-2415
GPR 702-774-5175