Minor in Family Studies

The minor will:

  • Help you grow, maximize your potential, and understand yourself and others better
  • Provide you with greater sensitivity and awareness to diversity and multi-cultural issues
  • Give you scientific information about all aspects of human sexuality
  • Cover a wide range of information about mate selection, as well as couple and family functioning
  • Help you understand different approaches to couple/family therapy

Career Possibilities

A minor in Family Studies can bolster one’s opportunities for pursuing graduate work in a variety of areas including family studies, human development, and marriage and family therapy, or other mental and behavioral health fields. In addition, the minor when coupled with certain majors at the bachelor degree level, can help prepare one for future careers in areas like the following:

  • Preschool educator
  • Childcare administrator
  • Foster care or adoption specialist
  • Child advocate
  • Volunteer coordinator for child and youth services
  • Child and youth services organization director
  • Adolescent pregnancy preventionist
  • Homeless youth outreach coordinator
  • Juvenile court officer
  • Camp counselor
  • Parent educator
  • Protective service worker
  • Family planning consultant
  • Adult educator
  • Event planning professional
  • Director of youth education for non-profit and religious organizations
  • Journalist, writer, or communicator of family studies topics

Degree Worksheets

Representative Syllabi