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Master of Fine Arts in Dramatic Media

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Dramatic Media (changed from Screenwriting) the student should be able to:

  1. Use professional on-page formatting technique.
  2. Explain why the various formatting choices are put to use.
  3. Execute a verbal “pitch”.
  4. Collaborate on a verbal “pitch”.
  5. Identify story elements in the “pitch” and distinguish their effectiveness.
  6. Revise all of the work presented, in response to critical analysis.
  7. Recognize the structural strengths and weaknesses of completed written drafts of scripts.
  8. Communicate, in a collegial environment, their critical analysis of work presented by the cohort.
  9. Analysis of traditionally accepted “classic” screenplays in both written and verbal response.
  10. Be able to create a work of dramatic media from inception, pitch, first draft and subsequent drafts in the most professional manner possible.
  11. Create a personal collection of written works for various dramatic media (plays, screenplays, teleplays, webisodes, mobisodes, etc.). Each candidate should have a minimum of three feature screenplays, two teleplays and two samples from other media.

Admission Deadlines

Fall Spring Summer
Jan. 15 N/A N/A