Brookings Mountain West

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  • Special Event

    Democrats and demography: America's changing demographics and the 2016 election.

    On October 13, AEI and Brookings Mountain West hosted a pre-debate panel that examined what America's changing demographics means for the 2016 election. 

  • Mountain Monitor: Tracking Economic Recession

    Indicators of economic recovery depicted continued progress in the major metropolitan areas of the Mountain West in the fourth quarter of 2012. The region's employment recovery gained momentum, and solid home-price increases in the region contributed to the nation's broader housing recovery.

  • Brookings Scholars

    Scholars from all five Brookings research areas — metropolitan policy, economic studies, governance studies, foreign policy, and global economy and development — will spend three weeks a year at UNLV. During their visits, they will conduct research, deliver lectures, and meet with university faculty, students, and community leaders.

  • Brookings Public Policy Minor

    The Brookings' Minor in Public Policy provides UNLV undergraduates with a unique educational experience through a series of courses taught by UNLV faculty and scholars from the Brookings Institution. 

  • Unify, Regionalize, Diversify

    Brookings Mountain West collaborates on 2012 Nevada Economic Development report.