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About Us

In 1957, UNLV set forward its first graduating class. You are part of a special tradition — a tradition of excellence in education, service as professionals, and support of future alumni. Wherever your life’s work takes you — be it in business, social service, engineering, teaching, law, the arts, nursing, or hospitality — your university is here for you.

With an alumni base 90,000 strong, the UNLV Alumni Association offers a variety of services and opportunities in support of alumni and their families. UNLV alumni are encouraged to support the values of higher learning through advocacy, involvement, and giving.

UNLV Alumni Association

The UNLV Alumni Association was established in 1964 as a not-for-profit organization to promote and enhance alumni engagement on campus.

To date, the association has contributed more than $6.6 million to the university in student scholarships, endowments, and major capital improvements such as the Alumni Amphitheater, Alumni Grove, Alumni Park, and the $2.7 million Richard Tam Alumni Center.

The UNLV Alumni Association is a leader in:

  • Connecting alumni for life to the resources of the university.
  • Communicating UNLV news and happenings to our alumni.
  • Providing a network for alumni to meet one another, students and prospective students.

Join the UNLV Alumni Association and support our efforts to engage alumni with the university.

Top Five Reasons Alumni Belong to the UNLV Alumni Association:

  • Staying connected to the university
  • Knowing the association provides support for scholarships
  • Receiving the alumni magazine
  • Giving back to the university
  • Having access to networking opportunities

Source: 2007 UNLV Alumni Survey