Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Sexual Health

Keep Your Rebel Covered

"Keep Your Rebel Covered" is our Sexual Wellness and Healthy Relationships programming at UNLV. The Rebel Wellness Zone develops and conducts campus-wide events, programs, group presentations, training and hosts special events addressing the following topics:

  • Relationship communication
  • Sexual decision making (including influences of drugs/alcohol)
  • STD/STIs (sexually transmitted diseases/infections)
  • Contraception (i.e. Birth Control)
  • Barriers (i.e. Condoms, Dental Dams)
  • Club safety — Protect Your Drink
  • Prevention of sexual violence
  • Men's sexual health
  • Women's sexual health

What We Do

The goal of "Keep Your Rebel Covered" is to provide interactive, evidence-based, peer-led programming that increases awareness and teaches new skills. Whether a campus-wide event, or classroom presentation, hands-on activities and information is provided. Including:

  • Examples of contraception and barrier methods
  • Anatomically correct penis and vagina models for demonstrations of correct usage of barrier methods
  • Sex Fishbowl Q/A
  • Relationship communication scenarios
  • Sex Jeopardy and/or Bingo
  • Condom challenges
  • Steps To Gettin’ Dirrrty
  • UNLV and local resources
  • Safer sex samples
  • Protect Your Drink

YouTube Channel!

Keep Your Rebel Covered is viral! Check out our videos on the . If you have suggestions, comments, etc. after watching, please complete our survey.

Campuswide and Special Events

  • HIV Testing
  • World AIDS Awareness Week and World AIDS Day
  • AFAN Project-Up Front
  • The Big Bed
  • Sexual Responsibility Week
  • Safe Spring Break
  • Las Vegas AIDS Walk
  • Monthly observances
  • Every day is a day for Keep Your Rebel Covered!

Free safer sex kits, dental dams and finger cots are available in the Rebel Wellness Zone.

Special Presentations

Don't cancel your class or re-create the wheel! The Rebel Wellness Zone professional staff and trained Peer Educators (Healthy Rebels) are available to present to classes, student organizations, groups, etc. Presentations are interactive, fun and can be tailored to your specific group or topic area. Complete the Rebel Wellness Zone Special Presentation Request to get started!