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Student Health Center

Sick or injured? Need an annual exam or immunization? The Student Health Center, Lab, and Pharmacy are open to all currently registered and enrolled students.

The Faculty and Staff Treatment Center (F.A.S.T) is located on the first floor of the Student Health Center.

If you were enrolled in Spring semester 2014 and are enrolled in Fall 2014, or if you graduated in Spring 2014, you can still visit us all summer for only $37! Visit the Health Center on the first floor to pay.

In compliance with Title IX, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas prohibits discrimination in employment, as well as in all programs and activities, on the basis of sex.


Sick or injured? Same day appointments, specialists, pharmacy, lab, and more.

Appointments & Fees

Routine appointments are free; however there are fees for some services. Student Health Insurance is available for purchase.

Before Your Visit

Important need-to-know information and forms for your appointment.

Crisis/Emergency Services

Are you in an urgent situation, concerned about a friend or in need of immediate care now?

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance is available for purchase. Graduate students are required to show proof of insurance.

Confidentiality & FAQs

We provide confidential services in accordance with federal health and education privacy standards (HIPAA & FERPA).