Student Recreation and Wellness Center

CARE Advocates (Formerly PAAVE)

This organization is committed to educating students about the violent culture we live in, which perpetuates relationship and sexual violence. Our mission is to grant access to knowledge, increase sensitivity, and change individual attitudes about sexual violence through our peer education program. To accomplish our mission, our program utilizes the latest developments in the anti-violence movement.

CARE Advocates are trained to provide presentations and help facilitate conversations on a variety of topics to your UNLV department, organization, or classroom. CARE Advocates participate in campus activism around violence prevention.

CARE Advocates go through a 35-hour training program ranging in topics from relationship violence, consent, drug facilitated rape, and more. Training dates are scheduled once a semester. If you are interested in becoming a CARE Advocate please contact Ashlyn Gray at 702-895-0603. We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer 2014 CARE Advocacy Training. All applications submitted after May 23, 2014 will be considered for the Spring 2015 Training.

If you want to schedule a presentation for your classroom or for your student organization, please contact the Ashlyn Gray at 702-895-0603 or

Presentations Topics

  1. Bystander Intervention
  2. Rape Culture, Gender and the Media
  3. Drug Facilitated Rape
  4. Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Facts and Resources
  5. LGBTQ Violence
  6. "Why do they stay?"
  7. Race, Gender and Violence