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Healthy Rebels


Healthy Rebels are peer educators and advocates for health and wellness on campus. We work with UNLV Student Wellness staff to conduct programs, presentations and events on safer sex, alcohol, impaired driving, stress, relationships, cancer awareness and much more.

We are members of BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) and work with peer educators at other universities to develop health education/promotion campaigns.

Our Slogan

"Leading The Way To A Healthier Day"

Leadership and Professional Development!

Being a UNLV Healthy Rebel Peer Educator connects you with more than 32,000 student leaders and advisors, with millions of peers reached at over 900 campuses throughout the world.

You will receive real-time, practical experience in health and wellness leadership, programming, evaluation, marketing, and communication skills that you can use in any future job.

Awards & Presentations

Healthy Rebels present at national and regional peer education conferences. We have also won awards for our service to the campus community and peer education.

Outstanding Student Peer Educator — Area 2 (AZ, CA, HI, NV)

  • Kary Nguyen – 2014

Outstanding Program — Area 2 (AZ, CA, HI, NV)

  • Love Your Body Day – 2013

Outstanding Alumni — Area 2 (AZ, CA, HI, NV)

  • Jimmy Pajuheshfar, DPT – 2012
  • Ashley Elrod, MPH, CHES – 2013
  • Lisa Coker, MPH, CHES – 2014
  • Rebekah Rivera, B.S., CPE – 2015

Outstanding Affiliate — Area 2 (AZ, CA, HI, NV)

  • Healthy Rebel Peer Educators – 2015

Certified Peer Educator Training

Members complete a 12-hour Leadership Empowerment training program and receive a nationally recognized certification as Certified Peer Educator. CPE training focuses on health and wellness issues with practice and development of inter/intrapersonal communication, referral and response skills, programming and evaluation skills.

Additional training is provided by the Rebel Wellness Zone professional staff to learn to conduct specific programs and events on the UNLV Campus.

Contact us for information on the next training.


You may see us on campus hosting programs/presentations/events on these topics:

  • "Bad Day Busters" – Beat the mid-semester blues! De-stressing activities held in visible area of campus during week 7 or 8 of the semester.
  • "Stress Free Finals" – De-stressing activities and tools held during Study Week and/or Finals Week on visible area of campus.
  • "Keep Your Rebel Covered" – Safer sex practices, STD/Is awareness, contraception and protection, Condom Challenge, relationship communication, The Big Bed, sexual assault and violence prevention/referral. Includes Sexual Responsibility Week, National Condom Day, Safe Spring Break activities, National STD/I Awareness Month, HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness; and World AIDS Day and World AIDS Awareness Week activities and programming.
  • "Rebels Against Impaired Driving" – Alcohol Awareness, Distracted & Impaired Driving, National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Safe Spring Break, Police Day, Mocktails: Alternatives to Alcohol, Distracted Driving and Fatal Vision Goggles activities, local and national resources, and how to help a friend.
  • Nutrition, Body Image & Fitness-related events – Love Your Body Day, National Nutrition Month, World Osteoporosis Day, National Fitness and Recreation Day, Wellness Expo.

We also collaborate with other student organizations and UNLV departments for programming in drugs and tobacco, environmental health, cancer awareness/prevention, sexual violence/domestic violence/stalking, social justice and civic engagement.


No health and wellness experience needed! Open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at UNLV. Open to all majors!

To Apply:

  1. Log into MyUNLV.
  2. Click the UNLV Involvement Center Button.
  3. Search for Healthy Rebel Peer Educators.
NASPA Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

The Healthy Rebels are proud members of the BACCHUS Network, a collegiate peer education initiative that supports the achievement of students' academic and personal success by building skills in student leaders to address campus health and safety issues.