School of Social Work

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Faculty Directory

Joanne Thompson, Ph.D.

Office: GUA 3144
Phone: 702-895-0521

Vicky Albert, Ph.D.

Office: GUA 3158
Phone: 702-895-4289

Kathleen Bergquist, Ph.D.

BSW Coordinator
Office: GUA 3136
Mail Code: 5032
Phone: 702-895-2449

Ramona Denby Brinson, Ph.D.

Office: GUA 2121
Phone: 702-895-0099

William M. Epstein, Ph.D.

Office: GUA 3122
Phone: 702-895-4348

Abbie Kirkendall, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Office: GUA 3138
Phone: 702-895-4336

Kristen Linton

Assistant Professor
Office: GUA 3161
Mail Code: 5032
Phone: 702-895-2903

Laurie Lytel

Office: GUA 3161
Phone: 702-895-5142

Natasha Mosby

Program Coordinator
Office: GUA 2107
Phone: 702-895-3312

MaryAnn Overcamp-Martini, Ph.D.

Graduate Program Coordinator
MSW Admissions Coordinator
Office: GUA 3137
Phone: 702-895-4603

Sandra Owens, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: GUA 3134
Phone: 702-895-2898

Leroy H. Pelton

Professor Emeritus
Office: GUA 3121
Phone: 702-895-1329

Ivet Santiago

Office: GUA 3163
Phone: 702-895-5465

Satish Sharma, Ph.D.

Office: GUA 3159
Mail Code: 5032
Phone: 702-895-1038

An-Pyng Sun, Ph.D.

Office: GUA 3160
Phone: 702-895-4349

Marde Closson

Director of Field Education
Office: GUA 3140
Phone: 702-895-5848

Delayna Tonogan

Assistant Director of Field Education
Office: GUA 3142
Phone: 702-895-3313
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