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Martin Schiller

Executive Director of the Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine
School of Life Sciences
Office: WHI 117
Phone: 702-895-5546
Fax: 702-895-3956


Martin R. Schiller is a professor in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His research focuses on building bioinformatics tools to forward biological discovery. These tools include Minimotif Miner, HIVToolbox, HiDRA VENN, MimoSA, and JBOG which can be accessed at the Bio-toolkit website. Each tool is connected with a set of experiments that test hypotheses.

Area of Interest

Bioinformatics, Virology, Personalized Medicine


Bioinformatics, Functional Genomics, Minimotifs, HIV


Ph.D. Utah State University, Utah
B.S. Hofstra University

Selected Publications

  • Gradie PR, Litster M, Thomas R, Vyas J, Schiller MR. (2011) SciReader enables reading of medical content with instantaneous definitions BMC Med. Inf. and Decision Making 11, 4  PMID: PMID: 21266060
  • Kaneko T, Huang H, Zhao B, Li L, Liu H, Voss CK, Wu C, Schiller MR, Li SS.. (2010). Loops govern SH2 domain specificity by controlling access to binding pockets. Science Signaling3, RA34. PMID: 20442417
  • Jay Vyas, Ronald J.Nowling, Thomas Meusberger, David Sargeant, Krishna Kadaveru. Michael R. Gryk, Vamsi Kundeti Sanguthevar Rajasekaran and Martin R. Schiller. (2010). MimoSA: a system for minimotif annotation. BMC Bioinformatics11, 328. PMID: 19656955
  • Rajasekaran S, Mi T, Camilus J, Vyas J, Schiller MR. (2010). Partitioning of Minimotifs Based on Function with Improved Prediction Accuracy. Plos One19, pii: e12276. PMID: 20808856
  • Rajasekaran S, Merlin JC, Kundeti V, Mi T, Oommen A, Vyas J, Alaniz I, Chung K, Chowdhury F, Deverasatty S, Irvey TM, Lacambacal D, Lara D, Panchangam S, Rathnayake V, Watts P, Schiller MR. (2011). A computational tool for identifying minimotifs in protein-protein interactions and improving the accuracy of minimotif predictions.Proteins79: 153-164PMID: 20938975
  • Vyas J, Gryk MR, and Schiller. (2009). Venn, a tool for titrating sequence conservation onto protein structures. Nucleic Acids Res.37, e124. PMID: 19656955
  • Vyas J, Nowling RJ, Maciejewski MW, Rajasekaran S, Gryk MR, and Schiller MR. (2009). A Proposed Syntax for Minimotif Semantics, Version 1. BMC Genomics.10, 360. PMID: 19656396
  • Rajasekaran S, Balla S, Gradie P, Gryk MR, Kadaveru K, Kundeti V, Maciejewski MW, Mi T, Rubino N, Vyas J, Schiller MR. (2009). Minimotif Miner 2nd release: a database and web system for motif search. Nucleic. Acids Res.,37, D185-190. PMID: 18978024
  • Fox-Erlich S, Schiller MR, Gryk MR. (2009). Structural Conservation of a short, functional, peptide sequence motif.Front. Biosci.14, 1143-1151. PMID: 19273121
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  • Schiller MR*. (2007). Minimotif Miner, a computational tool to investigate protein function, disease, and genetic diversity. Current Protocols in Protein Science, Eds. Coligan JE, Dunn BM, Speicher DW, Winkler H., Unit 2.12.1 - 2.12.14. PMID: 18429315
  • Zhang G, Hirai H, Cai T, Miura J, Yu P, Huang H, Schiller MR, Swaim WD, Leapman RD, and Notkins AL. (2007). RESP18, a homolog of the luminal domain IA-2, is found in dense core vesicles in pancreatic islet cells and is induced by high glucose. J. Endocrinol.195, 313-321. PMID: 17951542
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