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Gary Cerefice, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator
School of Allied Health Sciences
Office: MSM-HRC 307
Mail Code: 4009
Phone: 702-895-2612
Fax: 702-895-3094


Dr. Cerefice’s primary research is focused on the management of materials in the nuclear fuel cycle, with particular attention to the integration of radioactive waste management into the design of the fuel cycle itself.  The research focuses primarily on the waste forms and their role in the overall management of nuclear materials.  This work has expanded to also include fuel matrices for recycling or transmuting the actinides or long-lived fission products, as well as integrating safeguards into the fuel cycle and particularly into management of waste streams. Examples of recent and ongoing research projects include

  • Examining chemical interactions for TRISO fuels in a Repository Environment
  • Examining the use of graphite for the extraction of uranium from seawater
  • Examining the reactive transport of actinides and long-live fission products in the near field environment of a repository or disposal cell
  • Integrating experimental and computational methods to predict the behavior of iodine waste forms in a salt repository environment
  • Measuring and predicting radon release rates for uranium wastes in near-surface disposal facilities (at the Nevada National Security Site, for example)
  • Developing waste forms for the disposal of halide waste streams to support electrochemical recycling of nuclear fuel.